Cars lifted up off the ground in an auto body shop

What Auto Body Shops Do and Don’t Do?

Was your car damaged in a collision? Take it to a body shop for repair. A reputable body shop hires seasoned collision repair experts with specialized knowledge. They use a range of tools to repair superficial and serious damage.

When you are searching for the best body shop near you, make sure you are aware of the wide variety of services that most body shops provide. In addition, knowing what services a body shop typically won’t provide is also important so that you know what to expect.

Silveira Auto Body is the leading auto body shop in Santa Rosa. Located in Healdsburg, Silveira Auto Body provides top-tier services to get your vehicle back on the road safely after an accident. Here are just a few of the many services we provide our customers, as well as a few things you can expect out technicians not to do.

Vehicle Painting

Whether you want to match your car paint to the new panel after an accident or plan to give your vehicle a new look by painting it a vibrant color, a collision repair specialist can help. If you are confused between two or more seemingly equally good paint options, the professional can point you in the right direction. A collision repair paint specialist can also address other problems such as paint swirling, scratches, car paint chips and fading paint.

Frame Damage Repair and Alignment

Frame damage is very common after a car crash. A damaged car frame is a recipe for disaster. It can compromise the safety of your car. If you drive with a damaged frame, you risk further damage. Some signs of car frame damage include poor car alignment, unusual noises, uneven tire wear, and visible bending or damage.

Sometimes, these signs can be very subtle, which is why it is important that you have a collision repair specialist inspect your car after an accident. Body shops use state-of-the-art equipment to fix frame damage on a car and restore the bent frame to factory setting.

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent repair fixes 80-90% of minor dents and dings. It does not require paint matching or refinishing and is a cost-effective alternative to traditional repair methods that involve sanding. Most auto body shops perform paintless dent removal or PDR. It requires specialized skills. The dent should be gently coaxed out without damaging the panel or surrounding area.

Window Replacement and Repair

In addition to negatively affecting the appearance of the car, damaged car windows can compromise the driver’s visibility. As a result, a head-on collision can occur. A cracked windshield can affect the vehicle’s structural integrity. If your car’s windscreen or side windows were damaged in a collision, an auto body repair shop can replace it with a new windshield or windows. The sooner you take your car to an auto body repair shop, the better. If the crack in your windshield is minor, the auto body repair shop can fix the problem before the crack spreads.

What Auto Body Repair Shops Don’t Do

Auto body repair shops usually do not perform mechanical repairs or make any repairs to moving car parts. If your engine, brake system or transmission was damaged in an accident and needs to be repaired, take your car to a mechanic or an auto repair shop.

Silveira Auto Body is a reputable auto collision repair shop. Our team specializes in assisting in the repair process from start to finish. You’re in the right hands at Silveira Auto Body. Get a free estimate today but visiting our website, contacting us at (707) 433-2424.