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Why It’s Important To Choose A Certified Auto Body Shop

Was your car damaged in a collision? When looking for a professional to examine and repair your vehicle, it’s important that you choose a certified body shop in Healdsburg for you collision repair needs.

Silveira Auto Body is the top-rated body shop in Healdsburg. Our team of certified professional ensure that each vehicle is properly repaired and serviced to ensure your vehicle gets safely back on the road. For an auto body shop to become certified, they must demonstrate a track record of success. When you hire a certified auto repair shop, you have peace of mind that comes with knowing that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Our experts have compiled a list of the most compelling reasons why it is crucial that you hire a certified professional when repairing your vehicle.


Using a certified auto body shop provides piece of mind knowing that your vehicle is in the good care of trained experts. Certified auto body shops employ professionals who have the expertise and skills required to repair and maintain vehicles after they have experienced a collision.

After a collision, likely there will be pieces of the car that sustained damage. A damaged car part can affect your vehicle’s performance, comfort, and even safety. A certified technician will have the expertise to get your vehicle back on the road safely.

Car repair mistakes can begin a domino effect, and as one thing leads to the next, the safety and wellbeing of your vehicle becomes compromised after a poor repair job.

Technicians Are Required to Keep Their Skills Current

Technicians employed by certified auto body shops are required to update their skills at regular intervals. They are expected to stay on top of industry trends. They keep their knowledge up to date and stay abreast of the latest car repair techniques. When certified, car technician can come up with effective solutions to even the most complex problems.

Specialized Tools

Certified auto body shops equip their technicians with specialized tools designed to help complete tasks in an efficient and effective manner. These tools help prevent costly mistakes and diagnose and address problems in a timely manner. The precision gained by using certified tools allows technicians to ensure the most high-quality service when repairing your vehicle.

They Offer Value-added Services

If a car part was damaged in a collision, a certified auto body shop can help you decide whether you should repair or replace it. The shop can also help you find the right parts for your car. After a professional has repaired your car, they can help you create a preventive maintenance plan and share some car driving tips with you, to reduce stress on the engine and other parts.

They Use Genuine Parts

Unscrupulous mechanics often replace original car parts with aftermarket parts. When you choose a certified auto body shop, you can rest assured that they will use genuine car parts. Certified auto body shops usually have genuine parts in stock or can order the ones they don’t have. Genuine car parts perform better and can save you money on repairs and fuel in the long run.

Silveira Auto Body is a leading auto body shop in Healdsburg CA. Our team of experts have over 100 years of combined experience restoring and repairing damaged cars. To learn more about our services, or to get an estimate of your collision repair, call us today at (707)433-2424.