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4 Important Questions To Ask When Choosing An Auto Body Repair Shop

Repairing a car that was damaged in a collision requires specialized skills. If your car has been in a collision, it is important to have it inspected by an expert. Although your car may appear to run fine after a collision, there is a chance that unnoticeable damage has been done.

Many times an owner will believe that their vehicle is “fine” after a collision and after a few weeks of driving on an uninspected vehicle, a major component of the vehicle begins to malfunction. Although your car may feel like a durable piece of machinery on the road, it really is comprised of complex and sensitive systems and pieces. Should even the slightest of collisions occur, if those complex systems are bothered, then you will want to be sure to see a collision specialist.

As the leading collision repair specialist in Santa Rosa, Silveira Auto Body knows that it can become overwhelming when searching for the best collision repair shop. When you are making your decision on where to take your vehicle after a collision, it is important to first ask the following questions in order to determine if the repair shop is the right fit for your needs.

What Type of Services Do They Offer?

Reputable auto body repair shops offer a wide variety of collision repair services. It is important to first and foremost as the repair shop what services they provide to make sure that your vehicle’s needs will be able to be met in their care.

Services to look for include auto body repair, frame, and mechanical services, pickup and drop-off services, and more.

Is It a Certified Shop?

There are several benefits of using a certified auto body repair shop for collision repair in Santa Rosa. When you choose a certified auto body repair shop, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be in good hands.

The technicians employed by a certified auto body repair shop are expected to keep their knowledge and skills current. Certified auto body repair shops use genuine parts and offer value-added services. They are required to maintain the standards set by the certification authority.

Do They Have Experience with Your Car Model?

If you own an imported car, a discontinued model, or a vintage car, ask the auto body repair shop if they have experience with the model. Such cars can be difficult to repair. Also, their spare parts aren’t readily available.

Do They Offer Written Estimates?

Ask the repair shop if they can give you a written estimate. Get estimates from at least two other auto body repair shops. When comparing the three estimates, take a look at every cost element.

Though the price is an important factor to consider, do not base your decision solely on it. If the auto body repair shop you are considering quotes a higher price, do not rush your decision, and try to find out why they charge more for their services.

At Silveira Auto Body, our team of certified mechanics can help you ensure your vehicle is safe after a collision. Our pros have decades of combined experience repairing and restoring dented and damaged cars. To schedule a car inspection, call (707) 433-2424.