Auto Body Repair – Does Bumper Repair Have to Be So Expensive?

Auto Body Repair – Does Bumper Repair Have to Be So Expensive?

It’s happened to the best of us. From a minor fender bender to walking out of a grocery store, only to see your car with a dented bumper, this damage can turn into a major inconvenience. The damaged bumper is one of the more common repairs the auto body shops Windsor locations see, yet it has the potential to become expensive. There are a few variables at play here, so understanding what goes into the repair and why such a repair costs what it does can help give you a better understanding of the cost. 

What Does a Car Bumper Repair Cost?

Repairing a damaged car bumper can vary greatly. Typically it is going to start at around $100 and go up to over $1,000. For the higher price points, additional repairs typically are required, although the specific model and age of the vehicle can play a part in this as well.

The cost of bumper repair does not stop there. For installation and painting, you are going to see an increase of $200 to around $600. Naturally, larger vehicles such as pickups and SUVs cost more as the bumpers are larger. Luxury vehicles also see a premium price point as many are made from higher-grade materials.

Repair or Replace?

Repairing a damaged bumper is almost always less expensive than replacing your bumper. After an inspection, it is determined whether the bumper can be repaired or if a total replacement is necessary. In the event of a repair, epoxy-based filler is injected into the damaged area. This fills in cracks, dents and other imperfections. After the epoxy hardens it is sanded down to match the design of your bumper and then painted to complete the look.

Replace Bumper

If the bumper needs to be replaced, there are usually three options: the original manufacturer, factory part, a third party, aftermarket provider or a used, junkyard bumper.

Repairing your dented bumper is important. Even if your vehicle is drivable and you’re fine with the look of a dented bumper, it reduces the structural soundness of the vehicle, which in turn can put you and everyone else inside the vehicle at risk in the event of another accident. That is why, if you do sustain damage to your bumper, you need to bring it into one of the auto body shops Windsor has available.

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