Silveira Auto Body Proudly Services the City of Healdsburg

Silveira Auto Body Proudly Services the City of Healdsburg

20th January, 2017 Heldsburg: Sonoma County is blessed with some particularly good weather with 260 or so days of sunshine every year. While this is fantastic for the health and well-being of the residents, it also means that their automobiles do not undergo any of the extreme conditions that are experienced in the winters of Chicago or the summers of Houston.

The real trouble with owning a car in Healdsburg are the dangers posed by other drivers. Fortunately, minor and major mishaps alike can be resolved with the help of a reputable body shop in Healdsburg like Silveira Auto Body. Here are the services we offer:

Auto body repair

We are experts at taking an unexpected minor dent or scratch and making it seem as if it never happened. For slightly more noticeable damage, we may have to replace a door panel or bumper, but we will ensure that it perfectly matches the rest of your car.

Frame and mechanical repair

For even more substantial damage, the frame of your car may need to be straightened out or have other interior parts completely reworked. Silveira Auto Body has extensive experience in handling these types of problems and will return a vehicle in like-new driving condition.

Auto body painting

Regardless of what body or interior work you have done on your automobile, you will have to have the finished product painted. At Silveira Auto Body, we only use state-of-the-art equipment and our techs are well versed in the use of them. The result is a finish that cannot be distinguished from the ones produced at the factory.

For more than a decade, Silveira Auto Body has been proudly serving the residents of Healdsburg and the surrounding Sonoma County area. For more information about a body shop in Healdsburg and all of our auto repair services, contact us at Silveira Auto Body. We can be visited online at or reached directly at 707.200.7514.