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4 Car Collision Repair Myths Busted

Collision damage can negatively affect your car’s functionality, appearance, and value. Dealing with the aftermath of a car collision can be stressful. Collision repair myths can add to your stress, making you feel frustrated. To help you make informed decisions, our team of auto repair experts at Silveira Auto Body has compiled some common collision repair myths. Take a look.

  1. You Must Choose the Collision Repair Center your Insurance Company Recommends

Your insurance company can recommend collision repair centers in Healdsburg to you. You are free to accept or reject their recommendation. Your insurance company must work with your own auto body repair shop. If you choose a collision repair center in your insurance company’s network, they may get a discount.

  1. You Must Take your Car to the Dealer for Repairs

It is a common misconception that only dealers are equipped to handle car repairs. Reputable independent auto body repair shops employ skilled professionals with years of experience servicing different makes and models of cars. They know about the different types of car damage to look out for after a collision.

Reputable independent collision repair centers have access to OEM parts. They equip their mechanics with the right tools of the trade that allow them to be efficient with their tasks.

When choosing an auto body repair shop, check if they’re a member of a reputable industry body. To become a member of an industry body and maintain its membership, an auto body repair shop has to commit to continuous learning. They must stay on top of emerging technology trends and maintain the standard set by the body.

  1. Your Car’s Frame Can Never be Fixed Once Damaged

Many car owners wrongly believe that the frame of a car in a collision cannot be repaired. The car’s manufactured these days have a unibody frame. It is comparatively easier to reverse the damage to the unibody frame. If one part of the frame is damaged beyond repair, it is replaced with a new part.

Auto body repair shops hire seasoned professionals trained to handle frame damage. They have the skills and resources required to restore a car damaged in a collision to its original glory.

  1. You Should get Multiple Repair Estimates, or Your Insurance Company Won’t Pay

Contrary to popular belief, car owners can get estimates from something other than three or more car body repair shops. If the estimate provided by your insurance company differs from the estimate that the auto body repair shop has provided, contact your insurance company to inform them about the variance so that they can negotiate with the collision repair center.

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