Man holding part in his hand with a disgruntled look on his face

Here’s Why You Should Never Try to Fix Dents in Your Automobile Yourself

Dents happen, sometimes even when you’re not around. You may exit the grocery store, only to find a brand new dent and a shopping cart lingering in the shadows. These sudden dents are frustrating, especially that first dent in a brand new vehicle. However, if you try to fix the dent yourself, this is the last thing you should do. Attempting to do so may end up leading to additional auto body damage and more costly repairs. It makes more sense to take your vehicle to a collision center in Santa Rosa for advice from repair experts, and the right kind of expertise to deal with any damage.

Specialized Tools

There are specialized tools designed specifically for fixing dents, and the thing about dents is no two are the same. If there is a physical split in the paneling, it may need to be completely replaced. At times, a specific material may need to be applied, sanded and shaped, then painted. The tools for this job are different from standard automotive tools or equipment you may use in your house. Attempting to fix a dent with these tools will likely lead to added crimps, bends and cuts in the panel. You could invest in the tools needed to make the repair, but it’s probably less expensive to just have it repaired by a professional.

Increased Damage

Most vehicle dents cannot be repaired with the panel left on the vehicle. Instead, it requires the panel to be completely removed. Should you attempt to remove the panel, even if you push the dent back out into its correct position, you will need to attach the panel into its original position. If the panel is even slightly off, this will affect everything from the safety of the vehicle to how it handles. A fraction of an inch here or there will expose the metal structure of your vehicle to moisture and other elements, which can lead to deterioration of the metal.

Looking for A Collision Center In Santa Rosa?

No matter the kind of damage to your vehicle, it is always better to turn to trained and certified professionals. Silveira Auto Body is a collision center in Santa Rosa that can handle any problems you may have. If you’re curious about a current dent you need to repair, have questions about using insurance or are ready to schedule servicing, give us a call today.