person buffs the side of a car

5 Everyday Things That Might Deteriorate your Car Paint

We all love our cars, don’t we? We can never forget the memory of our swanky new car rolling out of the showroom on its first day out. The paint job was perfect, with many layers of paint and primer, giving it a rich and glossy look. But unfortunately, there are many things around you that tend to damage and deteriorate the paint of your car that you might be unaware of. We have compiled a list of such active elements, along with some remedial tips for repairing the damages.

1. Soda & Coffee – Both these drinks are known to have higher amounts of acid levels in them. If spilled on the surface of the car, they can damage the topmost protective layer of the paint, and result in initiating the corrosion process. Besides this, the sugar elements present in these drinks leave a sticky stain on the surface. So, make sure to clean any spillage as soon as you can.

2. Bird Droppings – Well, this one could come to you as a surprise! If you’re wondering how bird droppings can damage the paint of your car, it is important for you to know that bird poops are acidic in nature, and when dried under the sun, they tend to harden on the car paint. If you notice small-circled patches of bird droppings on your car, wipe it gently with a wet cloth. Parking your car in a covered area like a garage could also be of great help.

3. Gas – Being a car owner, you should be attentive enough to clean any gas spillage stains immediately after they’re formed. Generally, the dripping or overflowing of gas tends to create a stain on the paint surface. It evaporates instantly, and leaves a mark that eventually damages the wax coating of the car.

4. Shaving Cream – If you have accidentally spilled some of your shaving cream on your car, make sure you wipe it off immediately with a soapy solution. If left unattended, it can cause severe discoloration on the affected areas.

5. Tar – If you are living in a hot and humid climatic region, this one’s for you! Due to continuously rising temperatures, the tar on the roads tends to melt and stick to your car’s surface. This is when you would require the professional services of auto paint shop in Healdsburg to get rid of the stains.

Apart from these elements, the lustrous paint of your car is also vulnerable to things like eggs, air pollution, salt, and rocks. You can prevent these damages by being a bit proactive and alert to such stains. If you are looking for reliable paint care companies, Silveira Auto Body is the one for you. Feel free to contact us on 707-433-2424 or visit our website at