Red car in a body shop with its hood up

3 Reasons to get Dents Repaired Immediately

Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill

-Christopher Parker

Let’s admit it, we all procrastinate. Very few of us are willing to leave our couch on a weekend to go grocery shopping or meet a friend. While lesser important things, such as shopping, can wait for the next weekend, there are some important jobs that deserve your immediate attention, such as getting car dents fixed. Many car owners write off small dents as minor issues. They keep on shifting their appointment with their mechanic to a later date, and before they realize, the once small dent becomes an ugly scar that not only impacts the appearance of their car, but also raises a question mark on their safety. If you too belong to this club, remember a stitch in time saves nine. Getting your car fixed immediately can help avoid costly repairs later. To prove our point that your damaged car is better off standing in a body shop in Healdsburg than your home, we give you not 1, but 3 reasons that will compel you to visit your mechanic immediately. Take a look.

1. Rust Issues

Dents can do worse than just impacting the appearance of your car. Dents create gaps in the vehicle’s body making it easier for water and moisture to seep underneath the paint and coat. Once the water reaches the coat, it has easy access to critical, unprotected parts. Over time, the water reacts with oxygen resulting in rust. Small rust spots are difficult to spot, however, turning a blind eye to them can make things from bad to worse, and before you know the minor problem will snowball into a major issue.

2. Paint Damage

Dents can peel off your car’s paint, which not only impacts the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle but can also result in body issues. When your paint erodes, the body underneath the layer gets exposed, which can result in further deterioration. To avoid costly fixes, consult a body shop in Healdsburg immediately.

3. Safety Issues

Even small dents can be dangerously deceptive. Dents often mask underlying issues that the collision might have caused. Bumper covers with plastic outer coatings, for instance, are designed to minimize the impact of low speed collisions, however, the underlying damage can be more serious than you comprehend. If not addressed timely, these issues can compromise vehicle safety.

These are some compelling reasons to get car dents fixed. If you are looking for an expert who can address these issues, our team at Silveira Auto Body would be happy to help. To schedule an appointment, call at (707) 433-2424. Have questions? Fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you shortly with answers.