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What Are the Most Common Car Repairs After a Collision?

A collision can affect your car’s drivability. When a car crash happens, don’t lose your cool, even if the other driver was at fault. First and foremost, get yourself and your car out of harm’s way.

Once you have ensured everyone is fine, check your vehicle for damages, even if the accident was minor. A detailed inspection will reveal the types of damages that your car has sustained, so you can provide important inputs to your preferred collision repair specialist when you take your vehicle to their workshop.

Depending on the type of damage sustained by your car, a collision repair shop may perform one or more of these common collision repairs in Santa Rosa.

Paint Repair

Car paint not only improves vehicle aesthetics but it also protects vital car components from rust. Even minor collisions can cause chips, scuff marks, and scratches that can damage your paint. If only the top layer is damaged, a touch-up should do the trick; however, if severe damage has occurred to your vehicle, a collision repair expert will first address the underlying problem.

Once the professional has fixed your car’s bodywork, they will repaint parts of your car or your entire vehicle, depending on the nature and extent of the damage.

Frame Straightening

Frame damage is a serious problem and should be dealt with promptly. Straightening a car’s bent frame involves extensive repair work. After a collision repair specialist assesses your car, they will estimate the cost and time required.

Once approved, your preferred collision repair specialist will use hydraulics and chains to fix frame damage.

Dent Repair

Dents can cause cosmetic as well as structural damage. Some dents can affect vehicle stability. Dent repair involves painting or replacing the damaged metalwork. The amount of work required to fix a dent depends on its depth and length.

Minor dents can usually be suctioned back into place using a dent puller or stud welder. If there are several dents or large dents on your car, the dent repair process can take longer and involve more effort. Dents that are inverted over a 90-degree angle may damage the entire section of bodywork, necessitating bodywork replacement.

Glass Replacement

Glass replacement is one of the most common and simpler collision repairs. If one of your car’s windows or windshield was damaged after a collision, your preferred collision repair shop can help by replacing it with a brand-new window or windshield.

Bumper Repair

The sooner you have a damaged bumper repaired, the better. Unaddressed bumper damage can snowball into major issues. A damaged bumper fails to protect your car and can even come off while driving.

When you take your car to a collision repair shop after a collision, the collision repair team will assess the extent of bumper damage. If your bumper can be fixed, collision repair specialists will use dent removal techniques to restore its original shape; however, if your bumper is beyond saving, they will replace it.

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