Old cars facing each other bumper to bumper against a rough gray wall.

Fixing Front-End Damage After a Car Collision

No matter how careful you are on the road, you can get involved in a frontal collision. A car collision can cause serious damage to your car, affecting its ride quality and safety. Unaddressed collision damage could shorten your car’s lifespan and cause costly car problems.

If you have been in a collision that has resulted in damage to the front end of your vehicle, it’s important to select a trustworthy collision repair shop to perform the necessary repairs so you can get back on the road safely.

What To Do After a Car Collision?

Once you’ve shared contact details with other drivers and any witnesses, carefully inspect your vehicle for any noticeable damage and gather as much information as possible about the condition of your vehicle.

Follow these steps to evaluate front-end damage to your vehicle.

  • Check the Fender and Front Area: Inspect the front bumper and fender, as these areas are most likely to sustain damage in a front-end collision. Look for any cracks or dents and measure them if possible.
  • Inspect Your Headlights for Cracks: Many drivers ignore broken headlights, thinking it’s a minor issue. However, fully functioning headlights are essential for safe driving. Even small headlight cracks can substantially reduce visibility, possibly leading to accidents.
  • Look Under the Hood: Since most car engines and transmissions are situated at the front of cars, it’s advisable to look for signs of hood damage such as smoke and leaks after a collision.
  • Examine Your Windshield: Minor cracks in the windshield can eventually lead to significant issues. To prevent larger cracks that can affect your visibility, move swiftly to address any damage that has occurred to your windshield before it snowballs into a major issue.

Remember that not all damage to a collision-damaged car is visible. Hidden damage can lead to serious safety issues down the road and impact the functionality of your car.

Get your car checked by a professional as soon as possible after a car collision. A collision repair expert has the tools and knowledge to diagnose and address hidden car damage. If you are looking for Collision Repair in Santa Rosa then look no further than Silveira Autobody. Our expert team is committed to getting you back on the road.

Types of Damage That Could Occur After a Car Collision

Some common types of damage that could occur after a car collision include frame damage, bumper damage, transmission and engine damage, hood damage, windshield damage, wheels and hub damage, suspension damage, headlight damage, and electrical damage.

  • Frame Damage: Depending on the angle at which the other car hit your vehicle, the frame of your car might be dented, scratched, chipped, or bent out of shape. Left unaddressed, frame damage could lead to serious problems such as rust and/or weather-related damage. Before things get worse, have a professional perform collision repair work.
  • Bumper Damage: In a front-end collision, the bumpers usually take the initial impact. The damage to your bumper can manifest in various ways, ranging from minor scrapes and cracks to dings and dents. In a worst-case scenario, your bumper could detach from the vehicle.
  • Transmission and Engine Damage: Since the engine and transmission of a car are situated at the front, they are highly susceptible to harm in a front-end collision. After a collision, have a professional inspect your car for engine damage, radiator damage, oil leaks, and transmission fluid leaks.
  • Hood Damage: Your car’s hood is designed to pop up during a front-end collision, but may still suffer damage. It’s important to have any damage to the hood repaired promptly. Ignoring hood damage could prove to be a costly mistake. Unaddressed hood damage could lead to more severe issues that could affect your engine and other essential components.
  • Windshield Damage: The extent of windshield damage can differ widely based on the severity of the collision. If you have been involved in a minor collision, a small windshield crack could occur. A major car collision, on the other hand, could completely shatter your windshield. Even a minor windshield crack can potentially cause serious damage to your windshield. If you put off windshield repair after a car collision, serious damage could occur to your windshield, and you may have to replace it.
  • Wheels and Hubs Damage: A front-end collision could cause structural damage to your wheels and lead to bent rims. Damaged wheels could lead to car handling problems, negatively affecting vehicle safety. Such damage could also cause brake problems.
  • Suspension Damage: A front-end collision could cause serious damage to suspension components, or worse, your suspension could break. Broken suspension could lead to alignment problems, and your car may handle poorly. The necessary repairs will vary depending on the particular type of damage.
  • Headlight Damage: Headlights often break in front-end collisions. Even seemingly minor damage could affect your headlight’s ability to illuminate driving surfaces and objects, which is why you will want to have headlight damage addressed sooner rather than later.
  • Electrical Damage: Whether you have a modern car or own a vintage car, its electrical system could get damaged in a front-end collision. After a crash, a collision repair expert can carry out a comprehensive damage assessment to determine which parts of your electrical system could be replaced and which parts are beyond repair and need to be replaced.

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