yellow and red car crashing into each other their glass shatters in air

5 Useful Tips For Avoiding Collision From Debris

Road debris and potholes are the most dangerous driving challenges, which can turn into a major car accident. Each year, road debris causes or contributes to thousands of car accidents on highways, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

These accidents typically occur when a driver swerves to avoid a piece of debris and crashes into another vehicle or the side of the road. Not to mention, this type of accident can be complex because proving liability requires a detailed investigation and analysis of the facts.

While there’s no easy answer to how a car accident victims can avoid road debris, below are five valuable tips that can help drives avoid potential collision and damage due to debris in the road.

Maintain A Safe Speed

When driving at higher speeds, there isn’t much time to react to a hazard on the road. Slowing down and being prepared for anything that might come your way is an easy and effective first step in preventing potential road debris collision.

Even if you’re not speeding, keep an eye out for other drivers that are going too fastcan be a useful tip for avoiding potential collisions.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Distracted driving is dangerous, no matter what. But it’s even more dangerous when there are objects or animals on the road that you need to swerve around or avoid hitting.

So, when driving on the highway or busy roadway, always be vigilant and pay attention to what other drivers are doing around you.

In addition, avoid distractions like cell phones, personal grooming, or even conversations with passengers, to stay alert and focused on the road ahead of you.

Keep A Safe Following Distance

A good rule of thumb is to maintain a safe following distance of at least three to four seconds behind the wheels in front of you.

By leaving enough following distance, you have more reaction time to stop or steer away from debris and other vehicles.

Do Not Brake Suddenly

Debris can be anything from a bumper or tire on the road to a ladder or mattress in the middle of the highway. Whatever it is, if you hit it, it could mean damage to your vehicle, an accident, or even worse, a fatality.

If you slam on the brakes suddenly, your car could spin out of control. It may cause you to go off the road and lead to a much larger accident by crashing into another vehicle.

When faced with debris in the road, being aware of your vehicle’s braking and control abilities can save lives and help avoid potential large accidents.

Do Not Swerve From Your Lane Without Signaling First

More than half of all fatal accidents involving road debris are caused by a driver trying to avoid hitting the object in their path. That is why it is best to slow down when you see something in your lane, and you want to shift lanes.

Doing so will give other drivers time to get out of your way and prevent them from getting upset with you for cutting them off suddenly.

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